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Telegram is a cross-platform instant messaging app launched in 2013. Since then, it has become one of the most widely used communication platforms worldwide, with several features unavailable in other apps such as WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber, Line, or Signal. Telegram also has a premium mode that unlocks many benefits. Moreover, Telegram provides a range of options to customize the interface. In addition to choosing between a light or dark theme, you can also customize the color scheme the app uses.

Profiles and phone numbers

When signing up for Telegram, you must provide your phone number. However, you don't have to give your phone number to communicate with other users if you don't want to, as there are usernames. You can search by username through the app's built-in search engine or give yours to someone else to help them find you. After adding them to your contacts, you can start chats with that person, both individually and in groups.


Individual and group chats

Groups allow you to add hundreds of thousands of members, and you can create parameters such as only administrators being able to send messages or set a minimum time between messages that users can send to avoid an enormous number of them. If you get tired of any group, chat, or channel, you can mute it. You can also turn off notifications or archive chats so that they do not bother you throughout the day, and you can check them at your leisure when you are free to do so.

Security and encryption

Telegram uses two encryption methods depending on the chat. By default, Telegram uses MTProto encryption, which encrypts all content passing through Telegram's servers. This protocol uses SHA-256 to encrypt the messages sent through the app, in addition to protection against IND-CCA attacks. Thanks to this, no one can spy on the content you send. Keep in mind that public channels and groups are accessible by anyone, so everything you communicate in them will be accessible by third parties.

If you want extra security, you can try secret chats. These chats are end-to-end encrypted, so you can be sure that no one can access the content within. Beware, though: These secret chats are only available from the device you start them, and you cannot access them on other devices. You can also make the messages disappear shortly after they have been read.

Unlimited storage

All your chat data is stored in the cloud. This allows you to use Telegram even if your device is not connected to the Internet and synchronize all the photos, videos, and files you have sent in your chats. You can send as many files as you like over chat, taking into account that the limit per file is 2GB. You can also send files that disappear a few seconds after being viewed, with the added security that this self-destructing content cannot be screenshotted.

Calls, video calls, and multimedia messages

In addition to sending text messages, this app can make VoIP calls and video calls. You can see a series of emojis at the top of the screen in both cases. If the other person receiving the call has the same icons as you, it means that no one is accessing the call or altering its contents.

In a chat, you can also send audio messages or short videos. You perform a similar action for both of these, where you can press down and slide up to keep recording or simply hold down and release when you are done. Finally, like other messaging apps, you can also send photos, videos, GIFs, and files in any format.

Bots and channels

Another interesting feature of Telegram is the presence of bots and channels. Bots are automated chats that can be interacted with as per their programming. For example, there are AI bots and others that allow you to download content just by entering the name of what you are looking for. As for channels, administrators are the only ones who can post content in them, which is ideal for sending content to many users. Comments may be enabled on some channels so you can give your opinion about what has been posted.


Telegram pioneered the use of stickers in chats. Since their introduction, they have received many improvements, such as animated stickers or large animated emojis. Most emojis have an animated and full-size version, and the animation will only be played once when the receiver opens the chat, although you can play it again if you tap on it. Animated stickers are on a loop, while fixed stickers are always still. Telegram has a list of stickers pre-selected by the platform, and you can access many more if you subscribe to the premium mode.

Premium mode

Given that Telegram is free and its maintenance costs have been increasing since its launch, the creators introduced a premium mode in 2022 with exclusive features. These include more reactions to messages in group chats and channels, access to exclusive stickers, sending files up to 4GB, faster downloads, audio-to-text conversion, ad removal, custom emojis, real-time translation in chats and channels, and much more.

Download the Telegram APK and enjoy one of the best encrypted instant messaging platforms on the market.

Reviewed by Alberto García Translated by Uptodown Localization Team

Requirements (Latest version)

  • Android 4.4 or higher required

Frequent questions

How do I change the language on Telegram?

To change the language on Telegram, go to Menu > Settings > Language.

How do I hide my telephone number on Telegram?

To hide your phone number on Telegram, go to Menu > Settings > Privacy and Security > Phone number. There, you can choose who can see your number.

How do I schedule messages on Telegram?

To schedule messages on Telegram, open the conversation in which you want to send the message, type it, then tap and hold the send button. On the menu that appears, tap Schedule message, then choose when you want to send it.

How do I add stickers on Telegram?

To add stickers on Telegram, go to Menu > Settings > Stickers and Emojis. From there, tap Show more stickers and search for what you're looking for.

How can I access Telegram?

Accessing Telegram is very easy. Just download the app—or one of the official clients—, log in and start enjoying the most comprehensive messaging app.

Is Telegram free?

Yes, Telegram is free. However, the messaging app has released a paid version that allows sending files at a greater speed and dodging some of the restrictions of the free APK.

Information about Telegram 10.14.5

Package Name org.telegram.messenger.web
License Free
Op. System Android
Category Messaging
Language English
61 more
Author Telegram Messenger LLP
Downloads 76,600,174
Date Jul 12, 2024
Content Rating +12
Advertisement Not specified
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Older versions

apk 10.14.4 Android + 4.4 Jul 5, 2024
apk 10.14.3 Android + 4.4 Jul 3, 2024
apk 10.14.2 Android + 4.4 Jun 30, 2024
apk 10.14.0 Android + 4.4 Jun 22, 2024
apk 10.13.3 Android + 4.4 Jun 5, 2024
apk 10.13.2 Android + 4.4 Jun 5, 2024
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