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Telegram is an instant messaging app that, like similar apps such as Viber, WhatsApp, and LINE, gives you a simple, accessible way to communicate with all of your contacts. The main difference between them is that Telegram also offers you increased security and privacy.

Telegram's security options allow you to create private chats with other users, which means that your conversations with them are completely encrypted and aren't saved or stored on Telegram's servers. And you can activate a 'self-destruct' feature so that your messages are erased every X amount of time.

Aside from those privacy features, Telegram offers basically the same service as any other instant messaging system: group chats, file sharing, personalized notifications, etc.

Telegram is an instant messaging tool that shares many similarities - including its appearance - with WhatsApp. Still, the additional privacy that it provides could be very attractive to many people. Don't want conversations with certain contacts to be saved? Set them to self-destruct after ten seconds, and you're all set!
WhatsApp will allow third parties to join the sticker madness

The arrival of stickers on WhatsApp is still all anyone can talk about regarding this communication tool. We still don't know for sure when we'll be able to use the elusive stickers but at least we do know one new thing about them: it will be possible to use third-party stickers in WhatsApp, opening the door to the possibility of creating our own sticker packs just like in Telegram or using stickers created by artists or companies like in Facebook Messenger.
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Telegram now allows for multiple accounts and quick replies

It's been a while since we've talked about a new Telegram update that had any important changes; not since the real-time location sharing. It's about time that a new version has shown up with some substance. Telegram 4.7 is now available for download and its two big differences are support for multiple accounts and quick replies. 
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Cool new features in Telegram version 4.0: Payments and video messages

The IM app Telegram continues in its long slog to become the most used app in its market. It's got a heckuva long way to go still, but don't mistake challenge for impossibility, especially considering how it upgrades its services with each new update. We're up to version 4.0 now – "the mother of all Telegram updates" according to Telegram itself. And with good reason: it's gotten several new features like payment via bots, video messages, and much more.
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Requires Android 2.2 or higher.