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Telegram+, just like Whatsapp+ for WhatsApp, is an improved version of this famous instant messaging application which, besides all the features that the original application has, also includes some interesting features that are totally new, like customizing the interface's theme, sharing your own themes, or downloading themes from other users, as well as hiding your phone number or deactivating the alert each time you take a screenshot of a private conversation.

The fact that Telegram is an open-source application means that any user can add or suggest his or her own features to this improved version, adding more and more elements and functions each time it updates.

Communicate with your friends in a safe and secure way thanks to the encrypted messaging in Telegram+. You can also send files of more than one gigabyte, create groups with up to 200 people, and use exclusive stickers to add more expression to your conversations - and it's all free. Get Telegram+ and join the best free messaging community for smartphones.
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